11 years in running, Digital product designer / User experience specialist / Research analyst. Worked with over 30 world known brands, across 3 continents.

Started in year 2006 educated at the world renown school Hyper Island.





What has already been analysed? What do we know about our target group? What has been created and been loved, what has not been working and do we know exactly the reason for the failures and in failures comes learning's. Lets start and create a map of where we are.

Competitive analysis 

What is the status quo, how can we surpass our competitors? Research what is out there within the industry but also make synthesis comparison by going on field studies in other industries. How can we learn from things that are similar but different. 


Lets start creating the real ideas. Lets make the visions come alive together. By leading different workshops modules I guide the team to create an open mind of what we can concept.



Build, Measure, Learn. There are several different ways to see if an idea is working or not. Paper prototype, pixel level prototype and clickable prototype. Here our users can really start getting the real feel for the idea. Ask many whys and let them look at the prototypes in their own pace.



Perfection of brief 

Leading workshops to create a vision and a product strategy. What are the stakeholders visioning as a result, what are the exact deliverables. What do the team believe will be the outcome. If we all can understand each other's vision and work together then we will be a united crew from the start.

RESEARCH - THE target group

Defining the user. What do they love and dream about. Who is our target group? It is their world perspective not necessarily yours. Get out there, get to know them. Let them speak their real opinion; make them feel comfortable. Go deep ask why they feel what they feel. 



I highly believe in team spirit. You spend more time in the office than anywhere else. So why shouldn’t it be fun? Specialising in group dynamics and group building workshops, creating a bond between the team that makes us work together instead of against each other.




Leading workshops in creating the voice of the product. What brand traits do the target group and the stakeholders want to associate with the product? Through leading different workshops and research we can create a unique design language that is right for the target group.



Where are you in your professional career; what do you want to get out from the project, what do you want to learn and develop. Is there anything you are afraid of and where do you want to grow your confidence. Here I pull out our teams personal dreams to create a higher meaning of a project. 



Together we analyse our research. Creating groups of quotes from our interviews. Through these we develop learning's to make into insights. With the insights we create design rules that makes the foundation for real valuable ideas towards our target group.


Assumptions and hypothesis

So what do we believe will happen when we launch the ideas we have created. Through this thought process I set up a experiment metrics for the team: We will know we’re [right/wrong] when we see the following feedback [qualitative feedback] and/or [quantitative feedback] and/or [key performance indicator change]. Now lets move on to the experiments.


After prioritising our target groups wishes as well as the engineering delivery possibilities. We can start creating a roadmap for the future of the product. Launch, explore, get feedback, create new ideas, deliver/build.


THE APPROACH summarised 



The best work is accomplished by all team members creating ideas and solving problems together and as a united crew.


THE people

Understanding the core worries of our user. Our job is to make life better for the person in mind of any subject. 


Pushing our selves forward, as humans we want to grow. Through this individual growth the team it self will flourish. 


Working hands-on with cross-disciplinary teams to conceive and deliver from beginning to end is what I love and have a pragmatic nature that is always open to new ways of thinking to projects. My experience ranges from leading research, conception, art direction, to storytelling. During my work I have collected more than 20 awards.