Non-fiction books made easy.

There's so many books out there and so little time to read them. With Blinkist you can read them fast and on the go. One book will take you 15 minutes instead of 10 hours. In this project I created the complete new look for Blinkist 2.0, style guide including colours, logo, iconography. The user experience I created together with Kimmy Bolke. Focus was on customer discovery by interviewing, giving surveys and usability tests with rapid prototyping. It is crucial to validate assumptions when pursuing a business, or a just a design for that matter.



Read more. Anytime, Anywhere.

Responsive design is essential. The objective of the design elements and the user interface has been to create an intuitive and inviting platform for frequent use by customers.

The website. 

Besides the main platforms for iPad and iPhone devices, I created the Blinkist landing page which has been build with responsive design and integrated functions to support user orientation.