Our users have a hard time changing behaviour. Because as humans we are
built on routines.  

When patients with IBS (irritable bowl syndrom) find out about their diagnoses the doctor will say that there is no solution. The lack of knowledge is a problem, at Cara they want to solve just this problem. With a group of over 20 specialist dietitians, with a connected app that follows the patient diet and gives tips and tricks along the way.



Displaying 3 out of 7 insights and principles



With motivational guidance our users feel secure.

Principle Nr1

Make sure our users feel guided through every stage of the journey.



Our users have a difficult time to keep the diet interesting because of the lack of recipes.

Principle Nr2

Enable our users to create interesting recipes.



Our users are not as knowledgeable of alternatives as we think.

Principle Nr3

Create more educational content within the app.

Through principles we create opportunity areas

Let our users understand what they need to do between each session, and what awaits them in each step of the way. 

Let our users filter through recipes that suites their custom diet


Through short snippets of content our users can start to understand the benefits