How might we create a desire for our users to discover and explore brands
Fleek had launched their first version of the app and their users were not following brands as they hoped, but why was this happening? We took a closer look by making in depth interviews with Fleeks future users. What sparks their heart with brands and is it really about the logo?


Displaying 3 out of 5 Insights and Principles

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 21.11.54.png

Our users can’t identify with just one brand. It’s a combination of brands that makes up their style.

Principle Nr1
Make bridges (connections) between brands.



When a brand starts looking like a commercial our users stop believing in it.

Principle Nr2
Make brands feel and look authentic.


When something takes a long time,
is difficult and plain, our users lose interest.

Principle Nr3
Make content quick, easy and visual. 

Through principles we create opportunity areas


Through the bloggers we display outfits and items that creates multiple connections to brands

Users reactions

“Super interesting to see different styles for one item.” -Florian

“I don’t really buy from one brand. I love mixing.” -Sophie


Show real humans.
Users know when it's fake

Users reactions

“Photos of brands are boring.” -Anna

“Show me something personal.”-Peter





Before you had to go in to multiple sections just to see what content a brand is displaying

Users reactions

“Its great when you can randomly look through inspiration.”-Emma

“No logos of the brands is more interesting, usually you have a prejudice. This would give me a open mind.”-John

Fleek restructured their section of brands to be a world to explore content and
through content you fall in love with brands.