Second screen provide an enhanced viewing experience for content on another device. The objective is to provide interactive features during media entertainment served within a special app. Hired by Moccu media agency, I created two fully pilot-ready examples for demonstrating the potential with a second screen application integrated in media content from ProSieben, a European TV channel. The two online examples I have been engaged with comprise an application for a top-model and live football show in TV, frequently watched by more than 3m unique visitors.



The top model show application required expertise in concepting, user experience as well as design. The app is based on different widgets that update live during the actual broadcasting in TV. Concept examples include dedicated eCommerce activities, tutorials as well live-decisions about the outcome of the show.


Live football

The live football application works in the same way as described for the top model show sample. The difference is that you can interact with direct peers, watch 3D recaps from the match and customize game statistics in accordance to your interest.