How might we enable Zalon to become more stylist centric. 

In this project we wanted to connect, see what the stylist see, feel what they feel, enjoy what they enjoy to conquer their hearts. Because it's about them. Them sitting alone behind their computers, lonely, losing their passion. Losing their motivation. 



Displaying 3 out of 7 insights and principles



Stylists are lonely wolves
looking for their pack.

Principle Nr1

Make the stylists feel like part of a team.



Appreciation makes stylists feel proud.

Principle Nr2

Make stylists feel unique and not one of many.


Stylists are aesthetics. 

Principle Nr3

Present information that matter to stylists in a simple and visual way.  

Through principles we create opportunity areas

Helping stylist connect

Through community platforms and stylist gatherings

Stylists work alone; their only connection is with customers or Stylist Care. Meeting peers happens only once in a while at Academy Days or Parties.

Having stylists meet digitally will allow them to share experiences, create bonds among them and sparkle a positive chain reaction within Zalon.


Keep the stylists inspired

Through starter kits, blog content, magic moments of celebration

Stylists love to deep dive into the fashion world. Let’s get them involved in representing fashion.
Let’s combine the fun part with the dull stuff. The survey showed that more than 97% are interested in inspiring content that can be found in the stylist tool.

Also, when we ask for topics they are interested in, they always mention trends.




Celebrate excellence

Through top stylist pages, newsletter redesigns, brand bible

Because of heavy text load with less visual direction we heard that stylists miss important information.

E.g. Marcus told us he only found out at a brand training that he can now pack 2 pairs of shoes in a box. Matthias also looked at him confused and didn’t know that either. Even though they both claim to read the weekly update they both missed to this important information.

All concepts being prototyped and implemented.


Learning 1

Nothing is better then self immersion 

Learning 2

Tools and mind shifts are scalable


“It brought our own team closer together since it gave them a stronger purpose and made people work together that didn’t work together before.” -Zalon
“This project gave us more insight into what stylists are facing on a daily basis. What they like and dislike about working for Zalon, this helped us with a fresh perspective to define what we need to improve.”-Zalon
“The fun part of my work is on Fridays - Because on Fridays I can work 100% on the future outcomes of our new project.” -Zalon

How might we create a desire for our users to discover and explore brands
Fleek had launched their first version of the app and their users were not following brands as they hoped, but why was this happening? We took a closer look by making in depth interviews with Fleeks future users. What sparks their heart with brands and is it really about the logo?


Displaying 3 out of 5 Insights and Principles

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 21.11.54.png

Our users can’t identify with just one brand. It’s a combination of brands that makes up their style.

Principle Nr1
Make bridges (connections) between brands.



When a brand starts looking like a commercial our users stop believing in it.

Principle Nr2
Make brands feel and look authentic.


When something takes a long time,
is difficult and plain, our users lose interest.

Principle Nr3
Make content quick, easy and visual. 

Through principles we create opportunity areas


Through the bloggers we display outfits and items that creates multiple connections to brands

Users reactions

“Super interesting to see different styles for one item.” -Florian

“I don’t really buy from one brand. I love mixing.” -Sophie


Show real humans.
Users know when it's fake

Users reactions

“Photos of brands are boring.” -Anna

“Show me something personal.”-Peter





Before you had to go in to multiple sections just to see what content a brand is displaying

Users reactions

“Its great when you can randomly look through inspiration.”-Emma

“No logos of the brands is more interesting, usually you have a prejudice. This would give me a open mind.”-John

Fleek restructured their section of brands to be a world to explore content and
through content you fall in love with brands.

What it is
Zaplox operates globally, offering the hospitality industry a turnkey platform, including an app for managing the guest experience, based on a secure and efficient mobile key system. 

The challenge 
How might we help Zaplox to organise their future roadmap to see their full potential. With a passionate team as the start up Zaplox. There were many different visions from the stakeholders and this was a moment for them to reflect on where they are, where they want to head and who they want to become. 


The workshops

During two workshops we defined more the in depth idea of Zaplox. They were starting to implement far too many features which made the app have too many touch points. 


The future

Finally creating a journey with the touch points: 7 days before, 3 days before, Check in, unlocking, during stay, check out, book again


The result

After leaving them with a potential design and wire frame base the team took the material with them to continue working towards a final project.

How can snowboarders enhance each other's experience, without compromising their enjoyment of their own ride and of the mountains? Burton - Original and innovative snowboarding hub. Nokia - Showcase Windows Phone, Exclusive "must have" hub. Snowboarders live to better them selves and we improve faster with help from others. That is a problem for the selfish community. Burton has the opportunity to help every snowboarder improve.


Keep motivation high

Create a co-viewing session with friends. Choose episodes, date and time . Get your friends in your sofa even if they are miles away. 

Always connected

Holding the phone upright shrinks the play window, allowing the viewer to access in-app chat without missing out on the action. 

Your personal coach

MTV's library of shows is available on demand for the first time, with new episodes premiering exclusively on mobile before their terrestrial release date. 



Non-fiction books made easy.

There's so many books out there and so little time to read them. With Blinkist you can read them fast and on the go. One book will take you 15 minutes instead of 10 hours. In this project I created the complete new look for Blinkist 2.0, style guide including colours, logo, iconography. The user experience I created together with Kimmy Bolke. Focus was on customer discovery by interviewing, giving surveys and usability tests with rapid prototyping. It is crucial to validate assumptions when pursuing a business, or a just a design for that matter.



Read more. Anytime, Anywhere.

Responsive design is essential. The objective of the design elements and the user interface has been to create an intuitive and inviting platform for frequent use by customers.

The website. 

Besides the main platforms for iPad and iPhone devices, I created the Blinkist landing page which has been build with responsive design and integrated functions to support user orientation. 

Created a new design for H&M app and online presence. 

• Browse the latest fashion.

• Receive exclusive promotions and offers.

• Experience the latest trends, news and videos.

• Get inspired by thousands of product and fashion images.

• Receive instant alerts (push notifications) about offers

and events at your local H&M store.

• Share your favourite items with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and email.

• Use GPS to find your nearest store, wherever you are in the world.



More information coming soon 


Second screen provide an enhanced viewing experience for content on another device. The objective is to provide interactive features during media entertainment served within a special app. Hired by Moccu media agency, I created two fully pilot-ready examples for demonstrating the potential with a second screen application integrated in media content from ProSieben, a European TV channel. The two online examples I have been engaged with comprise an application for a top-model and live football show in TV, frequently watched by more than 3m unique visitors.



The top model show application required expertise in concepting, user experience as well as design. The app is based on different widgets that update live during the actual broadcasting in TV. Concept examples include dedicated eCommerce activities, tutorials as well live-decisions about the outcome of the show.


Live football

The live football application works in the same way as described for the top model show sample. The difference is that you can interact with direct peers, watch 3D recaps from the match and customize game statistics in accordance to your interest.


Created to re-engage with the digital youth who have shunned TV in favour of the phone. Under The Thumb blends social viewing, dual screen control and exclusive content for a totally new viewing experience 5 miljon + social media impressions in the first week post launch 1 download per minute from iTunes and Google Play stores purely on social media gossip alone New and noteworthy in itunes store

Over 290 h of MTV

MTV's library of shows is available on demand for the first time, with new episodes premiering exclusively on mobile before their terrestrial release date. 

Nothing interrupts

Holding the phone upright shrinks the play window, allowing the viewer to access in-app chat without missing out on the action. 


Co viewing

Create a co-viewing session with friends. Choose episodes, date and time . Get your friends in your sofa even if they are miles away. 


Bringing new dimensions to photography Nokia is going to deliver disruptive innovation to the casual photography market smartlenses & smartcamera - smartphone & smartinterface

Fashion statement

The smart lens – a fashion statement The wearable lens comes with a set of different covers in multiple colours andmaterials, egmetallic, white, denim, patterned, leather.

Any situation

The smart lens – ready for any situation The wearable lens doesn't just adapt its appearance to users, it adapts its performance too. Possibilities include waterproof, HD, fish-eye and zoom.

The right moment

Capture more than just a moment Pressingthe shutter button on the device 'marks' the moment on a videoclip. Thesoftware selects the 'best' moment (faces in focus, image sharp, well-lit, etc)but users can then manipulate and choose other frame/s ifthey want to.


Take your pictures to a new level – with a Cinemagraph Instant creation of animated gifs that blend still images and video

360 capture

 The 360 handle for the wearable lens The wearable lens can also be attached to a special handle that allows 360 capture.


Extreme sports

 You can't lose your wearable lens The wearable lens comes with a set of different covers in multiple colours and materials, eg metallic, white, denim, patterned, leather.


Filters depending on charms

 "sku"Color your life - with charms


Capture 3D

 The LCD smartcam '3D'

Need inspiration

 "Peel" the images – to get more information Imagesbecome portals – with rich context photos Animage can be an interface to everything that is represented – it links the past(I saw a great band there) to the future (who's playing next week) in a social context (who wants to go with me) in a seamless experience (book tickets online). The benefits extend to other settings, eg


Browse in a new way

 Browsememories, not photos – with photo net Youcan surf through images seamlessly, using filters to go from people, to people+ place, people + place + weather + activity, and then out into any one of theother filters, ie sameplace + different people + differenttime. Allimages can be stored in the cloud and accessed from any device/platform.


Go back in time

You can choose to revisit yourown memories – with photo AR Every image you take is geo-cached. You can choose to revisit your own memories,share with friends, family – or make available for public interaction. Viewers can leave comments via the on-screen keyboard on their smartphone.

Let everyone see

 Let your photos fly around – wit the table top projector

Give it to your friends

The portable handle for your wearable lens The wearable lens can even be attached to a handle, and given out to friends for them to take pictures of an event that you can't make. The images are streamed live to your smartphone or browser.

Capture you and your friends

 Seewhat you're missing – with the 360 shot Get the full picture of what's happening around you (Capturesimages 360 but not top and bottom)

No smart phone?

The LCD smartcam 'body' Aself-standing camera body that has an LCD screen front and back. Containspowerful processorand bluetooth/wifi/3Gconnectivity (forconsumers who don't have a smartphone)


Swap filters with your friends

Show the world your creative approach - with charms Collecta bunch of charms, swap filters with friends.


Attach it

 Smartphone integration


Your guide

You can even visit your friends photo memories – with photo AR Every image you take is geo-cached. You can choose to revisit your own memories, share with friends, family – or make available for public interaction. Viewer scan leave comments via the on-screen keyboard on their smartphone.

No compromises

The most uncompromising camera ever made– HD Pro lens Lens of same standard as EVIL/DSLR, with built in power, connectivity (for linking to smartphone), on board storage – and high-quality sensor (EVIL/DSLR quality) Will feature a transparent OLED screen within the lens, allowing users to a)navigate settings directly on the lens (ie without using smartphone) b) view images directly on the lens (ie without using smartphone)


Charge anywhere

Charger/screen An induction charger with built-in screen and wifi connectivity.



Exchange the HD Pro lenses – and become a professional