How might we enable Zalon to become more stylist centric. 

In this project we wanted to connect, see what the stylist see, feel what they feel, enjoy what they enjoy to conquer their hearts. Because it's about them. Them sitting alone behind their computers, lonely, losing their passion. Losing their motivation. 



Displaying 3 out of 7 insights and principles



Stylists are lonely wolves
looking for their pack.

Principle Nr1

Make the stylists feel like part of a team.



Appreciation makes stylists feel proud.

Principle Nr2

Make stylists feel unique and not one of many.


Stylists are aesthetics. 

Principle Nr3

Present information that matter to stylists in a simple and visual way.  

Through principles we create opportunity areas

Helping stylist connect

Through community platforms and stylist gatherings

Stylists work alone; their only connection is with customers or Stylist Care. Meeting peers happens only once in a while at Academy Days or Parties.

Having stylists meet digitally will allow them to share experiences, create bonds among them and sparkle a positive chain reaction within Zalon.


Keep the stylists inspired

Through starter kits, blog content, magic moments of celebration

Stylists love to deep dive into the fashion world. Let’s get them involved in representing fashion.
Let’s combine the fun part with the dull stuff. The survey showed that more than 97% are interested in inspiring content that can be found in the stylist tool.

Also, when we ask for topics they are interested in, they always mention trends.




Celebrate excellence

Through top stylist pages, newsletter redesigns, brand bible

Because of heavy text load with less visual direction we heard that stylists miss important information.

E.g. Marcus told us he only found out at a brand training that he can now pack 2 pairs of shoes in a box. Matthias also looked at him confused and didn’t know that either. Even though they both claim to read the weekly update they both missed to this important information.

All concepts being prototyped and implemented.


Learning 1

Nothing is better then self immersion 

Learning 2

Tools and mind shifts are scalable


“It brought our own team closer together since it gave them a stronger purpose and made people work together that didn’t work together before.” -Zalon
“This project gave us more insight into what stylists are facing on a daily basis. What they like and dislike about working for Zalon, this helped us with a fresh perspective to define what we need to improve.”-Zalon
“The fun part of my work is on Fridays - Because on Fridays I can work 100% on the future outcomes of our new project.” -Zalon