What it is
Zaplox operates globally, offering the hospitality industry a turnkey platform, including an app for managing the guest experience, based on a secure and efficient mobile key system. 

The challenge 
How might we help Zaplox to organise their future roadmap to see their full potential. With a passionate team as the start up Zaplox. There were many different visions from the stakeholders and this was a moment for them to reflect on where they are, where they want to head and who they want to become. 


The workshops

During two workshops we defined more the in depth idea of Zaplox. They were starting to implement far too many features which made the app have too many touch points. 


The future

Finally creating a journey with the touch points: 7 days before, 3 days before, Check in, unlocking, during stay, check out, book again


The result

After leaving them with a potential design and wire frame base the team took the material with them to continue working towards a final project.